Welcome to The Happiness Company site - we are SO pleased to have you here! 

Here at The Happiness Company we specialise in building community through our events and workshops using movement, mindfulness and music. 

So let's tell you a little more about the mother and daughter team behind the events, workshops and the company in general: 







































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Music , movement  and what makes us tick have long been the real interest of Irene Anderson .

 Irene started her career as a music and drama teacher then went on to take an advanced diploma and then a masters degree in Psychology and Counselling enabling her to work with pupils with emotional and behavioural difficulties . 


Irene has also followed her interest in the mind body connection by training in the Capacitar international  Programme which seeks to give people tools to help them deal with trauma and emotional difficulties in their lives . 

Irene is currently training in Qigong an ancient Eastern method of keeping mind and body healthy by using specific movements and visualisation aimed at releasing tension , easing pain and bringing about a feeling of vitality . 

Incase this all seems a little on the serious side irene is a great believer in laughter and fun being part of all she does . 

Irene is delighted to be teaching the Mind Body sessions for the  Happiness  Academy including Energy Work , Meditation , Gigong and visualisation 

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Catherine Anderson-Wright has over 10 years experience in the fitness and health and well being industry and has a real love and passion for what she does.  Catherine initially completed a law degree at The University of Nottingham and worked in law firms thereafter but knew that her true calling was to work with women and to spread joy and happiness through movement, music and mindfulness - the three pillars of The Happiness Company. Since leaving law, Catherine has dedicated her time to working with women and has combined her passion of dance and fitness to develop programmes such as Ballates ( a fusion of ballet and pilates) train in Fitness Pilates and organise and run events both online and in person to help build community and promote health and happiness. 

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